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  • Caroline Eisenberg, RD

3 Easy Meatless Monday Ideas

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

More and more research has been driving home the message that meatless meals (and snacks) are the way to go to promote a longer and healthier life. With processed meats and beef linked to increased cancer risks and cardiovascular disease, now may be the perfect time to start extending your meatless Monday into a meatless Tuesday....and beyond. Not sure how to live the vegetarian lifestyle. No problem. Try your hand at a few of the meatless recipes below.

Ditch the salty and slimy lunchmeat and swap this sandwich in for your meatless, midday pick me up. Jam-packed with filling fiber and satisfying (healthy) fats, you won't be thinking about dinner until dusk.

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Skip the lines (and carne asada) and assemble your own burrito bowl and home. Load up on the veggies, toss in some beans and top with your favorite salsa. Omit the low fat cheese to make it vegan.

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This dish packs a double healthy punch with two clever swaps. Replace your traditional refined pasta with spaghetti squash topped with a heaping helping of hearty and savory mushrooms.


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