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  • Jen Cole

What's the Deal with Eggs (Again)!

Science has confused us yet again! Should we or shouldn't we crack some eggs to fill us up and start our morning off strong? A new study found that consuming more dietary cholesterol and eggs were linked to an increase risk of cardiovascular disease and death. This contradicts current guidelines and recommendations which focus on decreased saturated and trans fast as part of a healthy diet and cardiovascular risk prevention. So what should we do with this information? Eggs are one of the richest foods in dietary cholesterol, but offer a unique vitamin and mineral profile as well as being a great lean, and inexpensive protein option. I rarely suggest that a client or patient completely eliminate eggs from their diet if they really enjoy them, but if you are concerned about your dietary cholesterol intake, or are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease or trying to manage your condition, try limiting whole eggs to just 2-3 a week. Or, you can swap your eggs out for some animal free, thus cholesterol free, options. Check out the link below for a new take on your favorite breakfast staple that may even help reduce cholesterol levels!

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