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  • Caroline Eisenberg, RD

Poached Egg on Avocado Toast

Updated: Jun 22, 2021


What you will need:

-1 fresh egg

-1/2 mashed avocado

-crushed red pepper


-roasted garlich

-1 slice of bread from a French loaf

Is there anything better than a homemade breakfast on a Saturday morning? I love to relax, drink waaaaaay too much coffee and really enjoy my food. Without a doubt, breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. I have finally perfected the poached egg and have been pairing it with everything from toast to salads and even in soups. If you are a little leery about how to perfectly poach an egg, watch the video below from Alton Brown.

My schedule was packed, so I wanted to make sure my breakfast held me over until lunch. I knew a little healthy fat from 1/2 an avocado and some protein from an egg would do the job. I mashed up a little avocado in a separate bowl and sprinkled in some crushed red pepper and a pinch of salt. I rubbed some roasted garlic on a French bread slice and topped with the avocado mash and my poached egg. You can top with cilantro or any green garnish for color. I, of course, sprinkled some sriracha around the border for an extra kick. If you are looking for more fiber, replace the French bread with one half of a whole grain English muffin or bagel flat. This makes for one powerhouse breakfast loaded with vitamins, minerals and monounsaturated fat for under 300 calories. In fact, this should probably be part of my Monday routine.

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