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  • Jen Cole

A Clean Eating Grocery List (And How To Stick To It)

With fad diets falling by the wayside, my clients are now asking less about Paleo meal planning and more about how to eat a wholesome and less processed diet. I recently received an email from featuring a handy clean eating shopping list. Take a look, keep it handy, and use it to navigate your way down the aisles. Please note this list is not all-inclusive and just because a particular item is not listed, does not mean it doesn’t have a place in a healthy diet. Feeling overwhelmed with renovating the pantry? Read on for tips on how to successfully revamp your diet:

-Look at the big picture. Build your meals around produce (fresh or frozen), meat/fish, or meat alternative, high fiber grains, and leave behind the processed (and expensive!) foods like chips, salad dressings and sugary drinks.

-Save time and money. Shop your local farmer markets or family owned stores. Big chain stores often advertise high calorie and unhealthy foods using tactics like circulars and end caps.

-Plan ahead. Designate two or more shopping days each week to ensure you always have the fresh food you need based on current cravings and menus.

-Ditch the basket and use the cart. A study by Consumer Reports found people are three times more likely to pick up junk food if they are using a shopping basket vs a shopping cart. Who knew?!?

-There's an app for that! Try my favorite shopping buddy Shopwell.

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