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  • Jen Cole

My Healthy Summer Picks

While it's still technically spring, I have a hard time holding back on all things summer after Memorial day hits. Summer might be my favorite season for getting healthy and has really made me think about what myself, and family, have been using around the house that have recently been spotting up at local retail stores. I like to compile lists of items that I personally endorse so that you can make informed decisions when spending your hard earned money on food and food related goodies! Read on to see what I CAN'T live without right now.

Spindrift Selzer made with fresh squeezed watermelon

What is more summer than watermelons?!? I like to recommend unsweetened naturally flavored seltzer as an alternative to juice, soda and even diet soda-which has also been linked to obesity! Not a fan of watermelon? Try cucumber, blackberry or grapefruit flavors.

Trader Joe's Fruit and Vegetable Wash

I try to buy organic produce for my family whenever I can....especially when it comes to some of those summertime favorites like berries. I truly feel that exposure to pesticides, even trace amounts, over time is not safe. While it is not always feasible to shop organic, I recommend this plant based wash as a backup plan.

Quark is naturally lactose and gluten free making this a perfect alternative to Greek yogurt for those with allergies. I happen to prefer the taste of quark over the tartness of Greek yogurt and love the fact that it is lower in sugar!

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