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  • Jen Cole

The Ultimate Sandwich Makeover

Sandwiches get a bad rap, but they don't have to be a diet disaster. If fact, with a few swaps and additions here and there sandwiches can be filling, light and super convenient. I still go to some of my childhood faves.....but with a few adult modifications. Summer may be coming to an end, but sandwiches still make an easy poolside or beach lunch option that sure beats any concession stand hotdog. Give that go-to-salad a break and try one of the following sandwich renovations in your next lunch box.


I can't live without bread, and I don't have to. I made this sandwich using nutrient dense whole grain bread with 3 grams of fiber per slice, rather than the standard white bread most of us remember eating the traditional BLT on. Traditional bacon was replaced with nitrate free, organic turkey bacon, and a few avocado slices were added for a healthy fat swap to replace mayo. Don't be shy with those tomatoes............Tis' the season!

I recently heard a story about a professional sports team banning PB and J sandwiches on their team bus to help discourage "junk" food. Not so fast! Sure the old school PB and J leaves much to desire as far as dense nutritional quality, but that is an easy fix. Try a light, whole grain bread, like Sara Lee wheat bread (45 calories a slice) and top with 2 Tbsp PB2 and fresh sliced bananas or strawberries.


Looking for a low carb option? Skip the bread and opt for a bib lettuce wrap. The above link offers a lighter (and vegan) tuna salad recipe or you can swap out the traditionally used mayo for plain Greek yogurt.


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