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My Go-To-Fall Recipes

Although it doesn't feel like fall, more like August in Orlando, I've been utilizing the season's bounty and loving every crumb of it. Now that I have four mouths to feed,two tiny and two adult, it's really important for me to find recipes that fit everyones nutritional requirements and preferences. I need something that fits into the baby led weaning guidelines, while not too intimidating for a toddler, and still appeals to two hungry adults. Seems impossible now that I write the words. Alas! We seem to be making it happen with a little planning and help from Shoprite from home! Check out the links below for some of my go-to-weekday recipes this fall.

This recipe fits so many dietary checklists. It can be made vegan if you replace the greek yogurt with almond milk, is baby led weaning friendly and can easily be stashed away or frozen for a quick leftover meal. And seriously, who doesn't love mac and "cheese"? I use a high fiber pasta, one with 3 grams of fiber or more per serving, to pack in even more nutrition for the kidos and grown ups!

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Looking for a new Meatless Monday idea! This is a great alternative to meatballs and gravy and sooooooo easy to make! I paired the dumplings with a side salad of arugula and a garlic expressions dressing! This can also freeze nicely for future rushed weeknights.

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I have a major sweet tooth and usually have a little dessert everyday. These cookies are a great way to indulge responsibly while incorporating some whole grain nutrition. Added bonus...your house will smell amazing!!!!!

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