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  • Caroline Eisenberg, RD

My Current Favorite Food Finds

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Its officially Fall, but still feels like summer and my palate hasn't made the transition. I am not quite ready yet for all of the standard fall comfort foods and that's ok because I have some favorite go-to snacks on hand that work well in all seasons. I share what I eat not to compare, but to help others find meal and snack options that may work well for them. So here is what I keep stocked in my kitchen these days.....

1) Chomps: Think of these as a more cleaned up version of a Slim Jim. This is a great portable protein option you can throw in your bag or pair with some fruit and nuts for an on the go charcuterie board (sorta). You can find Chomps on Amazon, Trader Joes or Thrive Market.

2) Live Kombucha: Looking for a soda switch, or a food first approach to gut health? This is by far the best tasting kombucha I've tried and can be found for under $3 at Sprouts.

3) Banza Pasta: This is a great alternative to white, refined pasta. Banza is made from chickpeas, so it is naturally gluten free and high in protein and SO satisfying! I can usually find Banza at my local Target making for an easy meatless meal option.

4) Trader Joe's 3 Seed Beat Crackers: I've been obsessed with these cute little rounds lately! These crackers are made with organic white corn, beet powder and a powerful blend of flax, chia and sesame (get it now?). I like to pair mine with hummus topped with tomatoes and cucumber or dipped straight into..........

5) Trader Joe's Red Pepper Spread: Could I make this myself? Of course, but why reinvent the wheel? This spread (or dip) is awesome on sandwiches, with crackers, or even on pasta.

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