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  • Caroline Eisenberg, RD

A Day of Mood Boosting Meals

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Whether you are still riding the high of the holiday season, or starting to feel old man winter's fast approah, it's never a bad idea to add some mood bosting nutrition into your diet. New research has shown that proper, and tacticle, nutriton plays a vital role in keeping our mood stable and depression at bay. Read on to see a few of my favorite winter meals packed with mood boosting fats, vitamins and probiotics!

Vitmain D. Several studies have found that individuals with low levels of vitamin D are associated with higher levels of depressive symptoms or with a depression diagnosis. If you can't get out for a short, brisk walk during peek sun hours, try focusing on a breakfast packed with the "sunshine" vitamin like eggs and fortified milk. Keep it simple and hard boil eggs in the beginning of the week and pair with veggies and whole wheat toast, or try a muffin tin omelets for a lunch on the go.

Omega-3. During a 10 year study it was found that a diet rich in alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) may lower your risk of developing depression symptoms. Try a plant based source found in this chia seed pudding or this overnight oat recipe.

B12. B12 is a vital nutrient in maintaining proper neurological health and deficiency can sometimes cause irreversable cognitive impairment. Found in animal protein, fish and eggs. Try focusing dinner around a 3 oz serving of lean meat or fish, or snack on 3/4 cup of a low sugar fortified cereal as a bedtime snack.

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