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  • Jen Cole

3 Guiltless Pizza Recipes

I am in full support of eating real food to satisfy your cravings. This is important in maintaining a healthy relationship with food and keeping potential binges at bay. But what if the full fat, real deal, guilty pleasure just doesn't fit into your health plan for the day? Get creative in the kitchen and try swapping traditional, and often high calorie, ingredients for healthier options. Check out the recipes below for a few lighter takes on my favorite foodie splurge...Pizza!

This is a perfect swap for someone looking to add more veggies into their diet or looking to keep carbs under controlled. The key to this recipe is to remove as much moisture as possible from the cauliflower. Make a few crusts at a time and freeze for the future.

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This is a different take on my college fav, The English Muffin Pizza. Use any low carb tortilla and pile on the veggies or lean protein, like chicken or white beans.

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If this sounds a little weird, think again. These flavors play together really well and this is a great vegan take on traditional pizza. The whole-wheat crust will fill you up so you can keep your serving size under control.

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