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Healthy Grilling Recipes

Guys! The warmer weather is finally (consistently) here, and I am ready to give my stove a much deserved break. I start to scramble around this time looking for fancy, outdoor entertaining recipes....but I have come to the conclusion that keeping it basic is where it's at! Using seasonal and local produce will ensure that I have the most nutritious, most delicious and the most economical meal. So if you're ready to brush off last years burger remnants and step outside, check out a few of my Dietitian approved grilling recipes!

This is what I would call an "everything but the kitchen sink" salad. This is a great way to use up your bountiful garden haul. Keeping calories in check? Keep the dressing around 2 Tbsps or less. Vegan or dairy free? Skip the cheese. Looking for more protein? Add some chicken or beans for my vegetarian friends. The modifications are endless.!


Looking for a gluten free alternate to the traditional friday night pizza? No real recipe needed here! Just slice up some zucchini, top with your favorite sauce, cheese, meats, etc.


A client of mine recently asked for some dessert suggestions other than ice cream and grilled fruit came to mind right away. Grilling a fruit can totally change the flavor by releasing some of the natural sugar. This recipe uses pineapple but peaches, bananas, cherries and other fruits work well too!


I am from Cleveland so Michael Symon recipes always catch my eye (and heart)! I just purchased some cedar planks and I am super excited to try this recipe out this weekend. I love using an acid (lemons) to naturally add flavor to meat, fish and veggies.....and this recipe uses the marinade for the fish as the dressing for the salad too! Healthy and easy.


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