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  • Caroline Eisenberg, RD

A Few of My New(ish) Food Faves

Updated: Jun 22, 2021


Stonewall Kitchen Watermelon Mojito Mixer: I found this at a local family owned grocery store that happens to have a pretty cool wine and beer section. Unlike most sugary mixers, this one is all natural and only 35 calories per ounce. This can also be mixed with club soda for a nice virgin refreshment....but I prefer vodka:)

Oikos Greek Nonfat Yogurt: I am well aware that Greek yogurt has been trending for years, but this is still a staple in my house even though I never really eat it as is.......who can? I use it as a healthy swap for dips, mayo, cream cheese, sour cream and even frosting. So versatile for only $1.

Plum Organic Mashups: It has been more and more difficult to get my toddler to eat her veggies and too much fruit is not a good thing, so I feel a little bit better if she is snacking on this organic veggie/fruit mix. These convenient pouches are all-natural and without any added sugar. Check out the ingredient list yourself.

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Mac and Cheese: Who doesn't want comfort food in these cold months? I like to indulge in traditional American fare...I am a Midwest girl after all...but like to add more nutrition in whenever I can. Ancient Harvest has it covered. Packed with quality ingredients and gluten-free, this is a balanced meal ready in minutes.

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