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Need Some Inspiration To Start Making Healthy Meals? Watch These Videos..

Unless you are living under a rock, or taking a social media hiatus, you have probably noticed the captivating and drool worthy vides from Tasty. In just seconds they take you through a "how to" for at home decadent goodies. While most of these recipes remain on the post-holiday naughty list, there are a few that are both delicious and dietitian approved. I have to admit, these videos are addicting, and may I dare say, replacing the standard 30 minute cooking least for those of us with limited time....or attention span. If you are like myself, and heavily influenced by visual stimuli, watch these videos now.

If you are like the millions of people googling "how to make kale chips" search no more. You have three options to pack in this nutritional powerhouse.

One Pan Chicken and Veggies

Clean ingredients, balanced and minimal clean up. Yes, Please! Looking for a meatless Monday option, replace the chicken with fish.

I apologize if you hate kale. This can easily be replaced with spinach, or really any other veggie. Feel free to fill up on eggs as a meatless Monday option since new guidelines suggest we no longer need to strictly limit this inexpensive and lean protein option.

This is a carb-cutters culinary dream. Swap out the ground beef for lean turkey or quinoa.

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