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  • Caroline Eisenberg, RD

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Festive Christmas Gift

I love the holidays and tend to go a weeeee bit overboard with the, gifts, stocking stuffers.....doesn't matter. As a self-proclaimed professional shopper, I really put some thought into giving the perfect gift because, NEWS FLASH, no one really wants that cheesy rayon mix sweater from Express. As a gift to you, I will share my list for the top gifts, or gifts to give yourself, for a happy and healthy holiday season.

French Press: This love affair happened by chance. My Keurig broke and I needed a fast fix. For under $20 you can make a cup of coffee that actually taste like........fresh coffee! Imagine that! No steamed plastic, no line, and you now have a reason to purchase whole coffee beans in the really cool brown throwback bag. Did I mention the smell? Oh, the smell!

Restoration Hardware Bathrobe: This is my favorite bathrobe that doesn’t cost a million dollars, but still feels like it! It makes getting ready for work on a Monday somewhat tolerable.

Trader Joes Spinach and Kale Bites: Probably not a gift, but definitely a healthy and festive appetizer to share. Once only sold during the holiday season, but can now be found year round due to their wild popularity from adults and toddlers alike.

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment: Every girl, and boy with pretty hair, should include this into her daily routine. No exceptions. This stuff is a Godsend. My hair is by far my best quality.... that and my humility.... and everyone wants to know my secret. You're welcome!

Onzie Yoga Wear. Perfect fit for a stylish workout that can translate into running errands or even a night out. Pennies per wear.

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