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Super Spring Asparagus Recipes

Spring picking is here and if you are like my family, you like to go to local farms and grab the goodies yourself. This means fresh produce......and cheap! Early spring is a great time to use up some fresh asparagus. One cup of this mighty veggie yields only 30 calories and is loaded with iron, fiber and 3 grams of protein! Below are three versatile recipes that can take you from side dish to full on meatless meal.

Less guilty than traditional pasta salad since you can really load up on the low cal, high fiber veggies and cut down on the carbs. Try using a high fiber brand of pasta like Barilla. Another bonus is that this recipe calls for Greek yogurt to replace high fat, processed dressings traditionally found in pasta salad. This salad is the perfect meatless lunch to be eaten on a patio....away from the office computer... on a warm spring day.

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How many delicious ingredients can be in one title? Is your mouth watering yet? This is the perfect pairing to fish or lean steak. This recipe is super easy, fool proof and yields the best asparagus texture. The simple ingredients add the perfect amount of flavor while preserving the nutrition and keeping it low cal. Who needs hollandaise?

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Like the pasta salad, this is the perfect stand alone meal, or the perfect dish to bring to a BBQ or dinner party. There are few better pairings in life than feta, veggies and balsamic!

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