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  • Jen Cole

(Turkey) Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Jalapeno Chicken

Let's face it, chicken is boring! Although it's lean and light, it lacks in flavor for the same reason. I had so many partial leftovers trailing in my fridge, so I decided to use up some peppers I had bought at the farmers market and a few slices of uncured organic turkey bacon that I had used in my healthy BLTA in the hopes of giving my defrosted chicken breast some new life. The end result (with the help of some low fat cheddar) was packed with flavor, moisture and a major kick. Not feeling the heat? Skip the jalapeno peppers! BTW....this entire meal (prep and cooking) took less than 30 minutes.....making this the perfect meal for the upcoming school year.

Ingredients: (amount of each will depend on the number of breast you plan on making)

Organic, skinless chicken breast

Uncured turkey bacon-1 slice per chicken breast

Light cheddar cheese -2 tbsp per chicken breast

Jalapeño peppers sliced-4-5 slices per chicken breast

Panko/bread crumbs

Egg white

salt, pepper (to season the bread crumbs)

Directions (preheat the oven to 400 degrees):

1) I like to personally pound out my chicken before I dip in the egg white.

2) Roll the chicken into the seasoned bread crumbs.

3) Sprinkle the chicken with a few tablespoons of light cheddar cheese

4) Top with a few slices of jalapeno pepper

5) Wrap the bacon slice around the entire chicken breast so that the end is tucked under

6) Place the chicken breast(s) on a non stick pan or mist a pan with olive oil

7) Cook for 10 minutes or until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

8) Pair with a heaping side of your favorite non-starchy veggies and an ear of corn!

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