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  • Caroline Eisenberg, RD

The 2015 Diet Trends to Try....and Which to Skip

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It's here! New year resolution time! This is like the super bowl for us type-A, perfectionist Dietitian type. I seriously have my game face on, and have done the leg work for you on which diet trends are worth trying....and which ones will be nothing more than entertaining to hear about from your hangry girlfriends over a nice, lame cup of hot lemon water.

1) Cauliflower: Try It! I have read on numerous sites that cauliflower is the "Food of 2015". Good news, not only because it is way easier than Acai to pronounce, but because of its availability, versatility and low cost. This cruciferous is full of fiber, low in carbs and high in cancer fighting phytochemicals. Mash it, boil it, or bake it. The possibilities are long as you invest in some Beano.

2) Millet: Another great ancient grain to try. Like quinoa, this grain is high in fiber, a great meatless protein and gluten free. If it looks like something you would feed your bird.... it’s because it IS what you feed your bird. Don't let this turn you off. There are plenty of ways to enhance your meals with millet while improving your health and possibly lowering inflammation.

3) Rosemary: Stock up! This may be the powerhouse of all spices with studies suggesting brain and memory boosting properties, as well as offering protection against macular degeneration. Move over Ginkgo Biloba!

Rosemary Sprig

4) Fat: Be smart about this one! A little fat, like a tsp. here and there, is totally fine, but thinking more is better, be it "good fat" or not, will only expand your waistline. Not a good look for 2015! Coconut may be all the rage, but remember, the way it stays solid in room temperature is pretty much how you will find it in your arteries. Gross! As for butter in your coffee? Do I really need to address why this is a "no" all around?

5) Beware of any weight loss program that will only last a few weeks. Successful weight loss is gained through a series of behavior, diet and activity modifications that take months to years to achieve, and is best left to a specialist, like myself, to facilitate.

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